On this page, you can see a full listing of all players on this site, as well as the current active characters they play. Non-Player characters, as they do not really "belong" to any one person, do not appear on this list. Characters that are pending, or incomplete, are also not on this list.


Iryss of Siege Perilous

Dragons Bassilith


Hannah Davis

Traveler Bassilith


Breccan Windmaster

Gwerin Bassilith

Thorvald Stormurson

Murian Nordheim

Griffin St. James

Traveler Bassilith

Kerowyn Wintersong

Gwerin Bassilith

Fiona Gale

Thassa Bassilith

Rhagarth of Siege Perilous

Dragons Bassilith


Falún of Silent Hold

Dwarrow Tynar-Dazûr

Gero of Dawnrunner Clan

Wyr Caer Draenar

Varidan of Coldshade Heights

Murian Unaffiliated