This is a short tutorial on using Vesta's built-in timeline feature. If used properly, it will be easy to see what happened when since it organizes the IC threads by date. However, for it to work, we have to choose and input the dates when we start a new thread in the IC forums. This, along with using your character's thread-tracker, will help keep our stories organized. By the way, you can add notes for each thread in the tracker. I will do a tutorial on that another time.

Creating a Timeline

When you start a new thread by clicking Create, you will see the editor window. The timeline field is right below the Tags field and just above the Content field.

  1. Month: This is the first of the three timeline fields. It is a dropdown. The months are 1st Moon (January) - 12th Moon (December). To find the current IC Timeframe, look at the Site Info at the top of the forum index page. We write in a seasonal format. For example, Spring, 3rd Moon 21 - 6th Moon 21.
  2. Day: The next field is the day of the month (1 - 30). Input the day of the month for your thread.
  3. Year: The final field is the year, and it is also a dropdown. Choose the correct year from the list. Coincidentally, the in-game year starts in 2020. You might want to use a different year if you are writing a character flashback.

Viewing the Thread Timeline

To see threads in date order, you will go to the Thread Timeline (see menu at the top of the site).

  1. Click on Thread Timeline on the main menu.
  2. Choose the year that you want to see.
  3. Choose the month that you want to view. Threads will be listed in date order as long as the timeline field has been completed!