Some Things to Know About Gaia

Started by Stormwolfe at 03 Jul, 2019 5:02 PM
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Good Day Everyone,

I want to start this post by stating we (including me) are all new to Gaia, our forum software. It is a fairly new application, therefore, it will be evolving for awhile. The main thing to know is that it is geared strictly for forum roleplaying.

Alerts and Email

Gaia does not use email integration of any kind. It is my understanding that email will never be a thing due to the issues it can cause. Since I am the only Admin for now, I am all for anything that keeps the workload to a minimum for me. Web hosts often have issues with application / website email. It's a pain.

In lieu of receiving email notifications, Gaia has a robust Alerts system. To get the best use out of this system, you do need to follow forums, topics, etc. I think we'll eventually be able to follow tags. When there is a new post in a forum you've followed, the Alerts tab at the top of the page will light up. In addition, for JP enabled forums, it will light up when a post is edited and saved.

The majority of our forums will also feed to the various channels on our Discord server. This makes Discord an additional way to get alerts. JP enabled forums will also send a notice to Discord when a post is edited and saved.

You will have to login to either the website or Discord to get messages.

OOC Discussions, Fun & Games

Reminder: Please do not post in the IC forums right now. You can post in any of the other forums. Please keep the posts on-topic specific to that forum.

OOC Discussions will send alerts to our #open-chat Discord channel. This forum is for chatting about anything to do with the RPG.

Fun & Games is for IC posting. These are just-for-fun pieces to help you familiarize yourself with IC posting on this platform. It is enabled for joint posting. Posts in this forum will send alerts to the #tags Discord channel. I will delete all alerts from that channel before we go live.

Mature Content

Other than requesting that all of our members be 18 years old or older, I have not settled on a site rating. In fact, with the way Gaia works, we might only have content guidelines.

So, how does Gaia handle Mature Content you ask?

Every member that wants to write or read mature content will have to have a valid birthdate in their profile. You can select whether or not it is viewable. However, as the Admin, I'll be able to see it.

Next, you will have to toggle the Display Mature Content to On in your profile.

When you start a new topic, if it has mature content, you need to flip that switch to on in the post. It will flag it as mature and prevent anyone from seeing the post if they have not enabled mature content in their profile and entered a valid birthdate.

This topic will be updated as needed. Please start a new topic for discussions.

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