Help Guidelines

Started by Stormwolfe at 03 Jul, 2019 2:58 PM
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Please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Make your topic title very specific. Admin needs to know what kind of assistance you need.
  2. Use tags to further refine your title such as question, site issue, etc.
  3. Post links to the issue and/or screenshots (or link to screenshots).
  4. Details: Please provide details for what you were doing or trying to do and the type of error you received.
  5. Simply stating I got an error when... will get your issue ignored. If we do not know the type of error and all details surrounding how and when you received the error, we cannot help you.

Someone somewhere went to sleep and dreamed us all alive.

Dreams get pushed around a lot and I doubt if we'll survive.

We won't get to wake up, dreams were born to disappear.

And I'm pretty sure that none of us are here.