Lord-General for Siege Perilous

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Type of Character Wanted

Player Wanted and Site Wanted

Relationship to Played Character(s)

Ally, friend, former rival

Brief Description

  • Character Name: Lachlan Wolfhand (non-negotiable)

Lachlan Wolfhand is the Lord-General (commanding officer) of Siege Perilous' Dragonguard (the horse-mounted infantry and cavalry). He is a member of the Gwerin nobility (the High-Born) and, as such, is naturally rather arrogant. He is, however, a good man with strong convictions and an equally strong sense of justice.

He has a history with the Lord-Paladin of the Morrighan (bio pending). In the past, they have been rivals and even fought a duel which wound up with Hawke Windwalker, uncle to the Danu, being sent to the siege in Xia. He will be returning at the Danu's request to take up the position as Lord-Paladin. Wonder of wonders, it is Lachlan that recommended him.

In his younger days, Lachlan ran with a group of arrogant High-Born and, like them, he was very dismissive of the Danu since her clan has always been Morrighan (you can ask questions and read the Gwerin docs to learn about the High-Born's disdain toward the Morrighan). Time has tempered Lachlan's stance and he is now a strong advocate for the Danu, a close ally, and close friend.

Adoption Notes

Lachlan will be played as an NPC until adopted. He can remain an NPC or be converted to a played character. Either way, his bio will need to be fleshed out.

Suggested Playby

Jeremy Irons (non-negotiable)

Character NPC Profile

Lachlan Wolfhand

Associated Character Profile URL*

Hawke Windwalker (bio pending)

Kerowyn Wintersong (the Danu)

How to Contact Me*

Discord is preferred and quickest. Can also PM here.

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