Dragon Wanted for Griffin St. James

Started by Stormwolfe at 22 Jan, 2020 3:15 PM
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Type of Character Wanted

  • Player Wanted

Relationship to Played Character(s)

  • Wingbond: Imprinted with Griffin St. James

Brief Description

Iryss is relatively young for a wingbonded Ddraig (dragon) and the wingbond is also relatively new in dragon years (less than ten years). She is very good natured (for a dragon), rather well-developed sense of humor, and very competent.

Suggested Playby

  • I imagine Iryss as a deep red-gold or bronze (color of heirloom irises from Griffin's home). However, I do not mind adjusting this. Feel free to find and add your own images (or find them and send them to me and I'll upload).

Associated Character Profile URL

How to Contact Me

You can reply to this thread unless you'd like to discuss Iryss first. You can find me on Discord or PM me here. We can actually discuss the adoption here also.

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