Vesta Bugs and Fixes

Started by Stormwolfe at 22 Jan, 2020 12:39 PM
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Vesta, our forum platform, was created by a roleplayer specifically for roleplaying. Arceus has done an amazing job with it. However, Vesta is still in development. Technically, it is still a baby. More features will be added (I'll put a feature request list in our open discussion forum - please don't put it in Help Me!). Vesta is less than a year old and already walking fast!

There are known bugs with fixes on the way. Some will be hot fixes (fix immediately because they severely impact functionality), most are being addressed in the next release (Salerno, we're currently on Athens).

I will list known bugs and their status here. If you find an issue, check here first! If it is not on the list, create a new topic and tag it as Possible Bug. Remember to provide details on what you were doing, how you were doing it, and screenshots (if possible).

Known Issues / Bugs

Deleting Topics / Posts

The delete buttons do not all work at this time. This is being addressed in Salerno. 

  1. Do not use the delete button in the topic index. It will give you a white screen and do nothing. If you forget, just hit your browser's back button. Be careful using this! It will not warn that you are deleting!
  2. Do not use the delete button at the top of the thread / post page. It will do the same thing - give you a white screen.
  3. Do use the delete button at the top of the thread / post.
  4. If worried that you'll break something, post in this forum with a link to the topic and post number that needs deleted. I'll take care of it.
  5. See the screenshots.


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