Beginner's Handbook: Register & Login

Started by Stormwolfe at 06 Jul, 2019 9:58 AM
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Registering Your Account

You will only need one OOC account in order to roleplay here. However, once you have created characters, you may post with any of them.

  1. Click on Register at the top left of the main page.
  2. Choose your Username. This is your login ID. For security reasons, it should be different from your Displayed Name. Note: It is vital that you remember your Username because this is how you will login.
  3. Choose your Displayed Name. This is the nickname that you want other members to see and use on the site and in Discord.
  4. Choose a secure but easy to remember password. Verify it in Password Again.
  5. Check the Disclaimer box.
  6. Check the reCaptcha box.
  7. Click Submit.

That's it! Unless you receive an error message, you are registered!

To Login

  1. Click on Login (top, left of main site page).
  2. Username = the secure ID you chose when you registered, not your Displayed Name.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Remember Me if you want to stay logged in.
  5. Click Login button.

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Dreams get pushed around a lot and I doubt if we'll survive.

We won't get to wake up, dreams were born to disappear.

And I'm pretty sure that none of us are here.

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