The Ddraig are dragons that have evolved sentience and intelligence. They serve as an ally to several of the bipedal species and races in the ongoing battle between the Light and the Shadow on the world of Aereth. They have the ability to shapeshift to a smaller forms of themselves and establish psychic bonds with certain individuals. These individuals usually join the ranks of the Morrighan (dragonriders), a military organization housed within Ddraig colonies (sieges).

The Dwarrow, the children of the Stone, are a mysterious race, said to have been carved out of stone in a frosty winter's night and then been given life by a storm. Their beginnings in this world are a riddle for many. Crafters and traders, living in the High Peaks of the Mountain Home, they are not one of the Elder Races but came into the world after the great Shattering. Their Kingdom has become a place of trade all across the world, and the dwarves have played a role in the events of the world.

The Sídhe are the eldest of Aereth's indigenous bipedal species. Their true origins are lost to the mists of time although it is likely that they evolved from one of the bipedal species of dragons. The prevalent belief amongst the Daoinesídhe is that the Tuatha Dé Danann - their pantheon of gods and goddesses led by the goddess Danu - opened the veil between the worlds and brought them forth to serve as protectors of Aereth.


(p. deena-shee) The Daoinesídhe are the first and the eldest of the Sídhe nations. They are Lightborn and serve to protect Aereth from the Shadow. They are also the oldest allies of the Ddraig. The majority of the Daoinesídhe serve as Morrighan or in support roles within the Ddraig sieges and citadels. Those not serving their siege directly usually reside in a city-fortress built nearby. These city-fortresses are known as the Seelie Courts. Annwyn, located on Bassilith Island, is the largest and oldest of the Seelie Courts and the seat of power for the ruler of the Daoinesídhe. The ruler is known as the Danu.

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(p. leah-shee) In the language of the Sídhe, liath means gray. The Liathsídhe are dual in nature. They are born from a mating of Daoinesídhe with a Banesídhe. The result is a child born of both the Light and the Shadow. A Liathsídhe endures a lifelong battle between their dual natures. Most of them eventually manage to choose an alliance. Others are driven mad by the continual internal battle between their two natures. Most Liathsídhe serve as swordsworn (mercenaries) although some have conquered their dark side and serve with the Morrighan. Likewise, some have given themselves over to the Shadow and now serve them.


(p. bane-shee) The Banesídhe are irrevocably bound to the Shadow. They either chose to ally with Baara, the Lord of Shadows, or they became Shadow-Touched in a moment of weakness, such as injury or illness. It does not matter how or why it happened, there is no going back to what they were before.

The majority of the Banesídhe reside in the dark fortresses and sieges of the Shadow. They serve in many ways but are primarily the riders of the Drakhmar and commander of the Shadow’s armies. Their primary residence is Siege Azdiel in the Obsidian Islands. The city-fortresses of the Banesídhe are called the Unseelie Courts.

Do not confuse the Banesídhe with a banshee. Banshees, which are harbingers of doom or death, can be of any Sídhe nation or gender.

Earth humans that have been trapped on Aereth.

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Aereth's indigenous humans.

The Wyr, one of the species of Aereth are something of a mystery to many. Often termed ‘wild things’ or ‘werebeasts’, they are said to be the wild spirits of the forest lands, the guardians of the lost and other strange things. Shapeshifters and warriors by nature, the Wyr are a race with a long, colorful history that has wandered the length and breadth of Aereth, often making their homes in distant lands.

We always understood that the Mother exists, that she created the land and the forests, the wilds and the gentle rains. We also know that she created nightmares because she created us. ~ Wyr saying, originally attributed to the Black Hunter. ~