No More Apps

29 Dec, 2019 5:20 PM

Update to our character approval policy.

In case you did not read the updates in the #vesta-help channel on Discord...

The Chronicles of Aereth will be going app-less when we officially launch in a couple of weeks.

What does that mean exactly? It simply means you will not have to wait for Admin approval to start playing. You will still need to complete a character sheet / profile, but once you click ready for play, the system will announce the new character and off you go!

Due to the phenomenal amount of lore that we have, Admin will still take an oversight role. If we see something in your profile that totally contravenes lore or game canon, we will contact you privately and ask you to make corrections or changes. With luck, this will be done soon enough that your posts will not be affected. However, since you can edit those too, it's all good.