Admin Update

07 Aug, 2019 6:55 PM

GM announcement.

Good Day Everyone!

Just a quick message on where we stand regarding getting the site up and running.

Glitch with the bio form: I have run into a glitch with the bio form. Unknown yet if it is something I broke, or a system issue. It does not impact using the bio form, just it's final layout. Since version 2 of Gaia is in the works, I am not going to worry about it too bad.

Custom Theme: As mentioned awhile back, we're going to wait on version 2 before starting a custome theme. The theming system is undergoing changes.

Start Date: This is more problematical. I am working on the Lore as much as I can. However, my eyes are giving me a fit so it is slow going. I am still aiming for mid-to-late September. Realistically, it might get pushed by a week or two into October.

Blessed Be all!