Site Guidelines

03 Jul, 2019 3:18 PM

Please read the temporary site guidelines!

If you have decided to join the site, please be aware that we are not officially open. Our goal for starting to fill in character sheets on the site and plan out our initial stories is mid-to-late August. Read the following guidelines.

  1. Limit your posting to the OOC forums.
  2. Do not post in the IC forums.
  3. The Discussions forum has been set up for JPing and IC posting so that you can start getting used to the features.
  4. To receive on site alerts, follow forums and topics.


Unfortunately, for now you will need to use an off site image host for in-post images. I recommend either ImgBB or NickPic. I use ImgBB the most, seems to have better uptime than NickPic. Be Warned: IMGUR now deletes images that have been hotlinked. I do not recommend using them.

Avatar Size: 220 x 220

Additional Image Size: 200 x 300.