Posts Locked for Editing

28 Apr, 2020 1:38 PM

Managing / Editing Posts

How Editing Posts Works

Our IC forums are Joint Post enabled so that we can edit in short bursts of dialog and not have multiple one or two line posts in a thread. Using this feature is optional and the members in a thread should all agree on if they want to JP dialog or strictly write post-by-post. The best option is to use a combination of the two posting methods.

When you click the Manage (Edit) button on a post, it locks the post so that no one else can click Manage while you are working on your edit. Others will know the post is locked for editing as they will not have the Manage button displayed to them.

The lock only releases when you click Save / Post when you finish editing

If you exit the post without clicking Post / Save, then the system does not know to unlock it. This might happen if you go in to edit then change your mind so you just exit out without saving. It could happen if your computer glitches before you can click save, etc.

Going forward, if you click Manage for any reason, then always click Save/Post to exit. Since saving a post will also send an alert to Discord, you can stick a message there stating why you edited if it wasn't to add your tag reply, etc.

Summary: Do not exit a post without clicking Post/Save (i.e. if the Manage Button does not show, the post is locked for editing).