Things to Know

30 Jan, 2020 10:38 AM

Short summary of things to know before posting. Details can be found on the Legends & Lore site.

Mature Content

  • Each writer has the responsibility of rating their posts and choosing if they wish to see mature content or not. For more details, see the mature content section of our rules.
  • What does Aereth consider mature content? When the clothes start coming off, graphic descriptions of torture, maiming, battles with graphic descriptions of human innards laying about, etc. Keep the basic video games, movie and TV ratings systems in mind.
  • To view and write mature content, make sure you have selected the mature toggle in your OOC profile and added your birthdate. 
  • Select the mature content option in your post. This makes the post completely invisible to guests and members who have not opted in to view such content.

Timekeeping on Aereth

Aereth is a habitable moon in a distant orbit around the planet Gwydion. Most of Aereth's people understand this, but consider Gwydion one of Aereth's moons anyway. You might want to read over the Solar System document in the World Knowledge section of our Legends & Lore Site.

For simplicity's sake, Aereth parallels Earth as much as possible. The main exception is that Gwydion causes a monthly eclipse which the people on Aereth call the Shroud. The Shrouds are detailed in the Solar System document.

  • World / Age: These designations define a specific range of time and usually change when there is a major change in culture worldwide or a major cataclysm such as the asteroid impact that killed Earth's dinosaurs.
  • Months: We are designating months as Moons and using a numbering system. So, January on Earth is the 1st Moon on Aereth. The year starts on Yule (the winter solstice), the 21st or 22nd of December on Earth.
  • Days of the Week: Like the months, these are numbered. So to write out a full date, just use our format here on earth: 1st Moon, 30. This is the 30th day of January on Earth.
  • Years: As the last Great Ice ended, the major races got together and settled on an universal calendar which restarted the year count. Hence, in a huge coincidence, we are now in 2020. That is just how it worked out when I was trying to make sure the rings of Gwydion were at their brightest (see the Solar System document).


Vesta, our forum software, automatically orders threads/posts based on the timeline. When you start a thread, you will see the Time Line field all set up for you. Please use it!

We write in four month segments (IC) that roughly corresponds to the four seasons on Aereth (we don't care here on Earth). So, our opening IC writing period starts around the 21st day of the 3rd Moon and runs to around the 21st day of the 6th Moon. We are not going to ding people if they are off by a few days! This means that you have to be generally aware of where and when your character is since they cannot be in two places at the exact same time.

Suggested Reading