Site Images

16 Jan, 2020 4:04 PM

Default Avatars and Character Images

At the Chronicles of Aereth we do not mandate that our members use character playbys or OOC avatars. However, since we also do not use a site-wide default avatar or secondary image, this can leave posts and the site looking rather funky. To make it easier for our members that simply do not want to go looking for images to represent themselves (OOC Account) or their characters, I am building a gallery of generic images for everyone to use. As time permits, I will add miscellaneous avatars (250 x 250) and secondary images (275 x 500).

Remember, our site requires one of each (an avatar and a secondary image) although our system allows you to upload several which will randomly appear in posts and on other pages throughout the site.

Link to Avatar and Secondary Image Gallery