Falún of Silent Hold
Prince, Warrior, Arcane Smith, Lord of Silent Hold
First Prince of the Sword

Duty first, Grief later. 

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Bright Blue
Dark Brown

Born too early and on the surface Falún bears the marks of a surfaceborn dwarf, showing in his intense, shining eyes and too lean stature. To the trained eye these are the deformations of being born far from the deep stone, and of being born almost two months too early. While to Menfolk Falún would still appear strong, compared to other dwarrow he is lean, lacking the broad shoulders and obvious strong muscles of his kind.He has a prominent scar on his left forearm - the mark of teeth that ate deeply into his flesh, the remnant of a fight with a Deep Stone Creature.

Falún wears his dark hair long and with only two braids, one of mourning for the mother he never knew and the other signifying his close link with his brother, his rank is only visible in the golden bead in that braid. Falún like his brother keeps his short in continued mourning for Queen Riá he keeps it that way,. Being primarily an archer he could not have a long beard either way. 



Considered a just-so fully adult dwarrow, Falún is an inspired, determined but otherwise rather calm dwarrow. Like his brother he has a tendency to try and protect others, no matter what dangers that gets him into and has little in terms of fears nor a good sense of self-preservation. Others come always first. Very loyal and very closely tied to Kaelan, he is still rarely seen without his brother. Falún has a quick mind and might harbor a broader understanding for surface people than other dwarrow have. He has a curious streak and enjoys learning things, he also is a keen observer. Falún is a kind, warm-hearted character, caring for others and quick to lend aid when he can. He does not fear the risks that are often involved in jumping to another defense. 

Falún's approach in leadership is a quieter one than his brother's. Falún often leads seemingly without trying, by hearing people out and by having a good sense on whom to assign what task. People, no matter how high or low their rank, feel equally taken serious by him, and thus often flourish to their full potential. While being born into a very high rank, Falún sees his birth mainly as duty, duty to protect his people, to serve his homeland.

Falún is much quieter than his brother with a less forceful presence.He is easygoing and easy to talk to, more approachable than others of the family, he can easily make others forget they are talking to a Prince of Helvár’s blood.  He often uses this skill to great effect to hear things that no one would tell a Prince directly, or would even fear to bring to the attention of the royal House. His voice is somewhat lighter than other dwarrow’s and he speaks with the typical dwarrow accent, when speaking in Comyn.


Prince, Warrior, Arcane Smith, Lord of Silent Hold

Falún’s combat training was mainly in the of  Kór, the surviving guard Captain of the late Queen’s Guard. Very early into the training it became obvious that Falún was not suited for the typical dwarven weapons’ training, heavy plate armor and regular weapons were too heavy and tired him out too quickly. Thus Kór chose alternate ways of training for his charge, conferring with Dvalin of Deepsilver Crossing, the warmaster having a keen eye for the strengths to reinforce and which weaknesses to carefully cull. As a result Falún grew into a fighting style uniquely suited to his physique and limited strength. 

Due to growing up by his brother’s side, no matter what dangers or crisis Kaelan ventured into, Falún is intimately familiar with typical dwarrow tactics, above and below ground, along with their typical arsenal of weapons and machines in both regions.

Steel Bow - Falún mainly uses a blacksteel bow that was made especially for him, he needed a number of years to work up the strength to truly bend the bow fully, but by now uses it with practiced ease. He is a very precise shot and relies on the bow strongly.

Twin blades: When forced to abandon the bow Falún fights with two swords - they too are specially made for him and are shorter than a regular one-handed blade but longer than short-swords. Kaelan made them when he realized his brother had the gift of fighting two-handed but tired too quickly when using two regular swords.


Lean bordering on wiry for a Dwarrow, Falún stands out through his agility and very deft movements, even on the surface his agility suffers barely. Falún’s movements are swift and agile, he walks far more softly than many of his kin and has adopted an almost prowling walk that he tries to consciously suppress when in formal situations.

Falún can swim and dive, but has learned it underground and had never to deal with a surface lake or river yet. Falún is fully ambidextrous, though he favours his left hand over the right a little. On rock, stone or ice Falún moves with the natural poise of a stoneborn, while his agility and surefootedness suffers when on less stable grounds.

Falún is a good horseman and loves fast horses.


Falún received a good formal education, as is expected of a Prince of Tynár-Dazûr, though he did receive it under the most unusual circumstances. As he was inseparable from his brother, due to circumstances, his main tutor Ragûn, opted to travel with them and teach as they went. With Falún proving to be an apt and very enthusiastic student, he used the chance to help Falún’s mind to grow quickly. The education began with things like reading and writing, and what dwarrow understand as “basic” mathematics (higher math, lots of geometry, nearly anything contained that is needed for building) and advanced to geology (THE natural science of the dwarrow), and other fields of study. The study of the different races, history and other fields followed as Falún grew older.

Holdings: The holdings of Silent Hold are classically associated with the Prince of the Sword title. Being responsible for them is as much about teaching the young Prince to manage a typical dwarven hold with Mines, Hammers and Crafters, as it is about setting an independent income. Silent Hold had been long stewarded because there had not been a Prince of the Sword for many centuries, until Kaelan was born, though he held the title only for a short while, prior to Askíl’s death. After that Silent Hold again was stewarded until Falún was born. Silent Hold being primarily a crystal mine, forced Falún to learn a lot about one of the more exotic materials of Tynár-Dazûr. In the few decades he now has been managing Silent Hold, he has earned the respect of the dwarrow long associated with the deep hold.



Arcane Smith. Having the arcane talent and an inclining towards becoming a weapon’s smith Falún was trained to become an arcane smith. (The dwarven royal house is expected to excel at a craft, or lose the respect of their people who are superiorly craft-oriented.) Falún was apprenticed with Narvi of Dwenderholm’s Gate, who called upon Kaelan’s assistance once he noticed how Falún’s and Kaelan’s talents were meshed. Falún completed his training and is a free journeyman. 

Being an arcane crafter Falún has learned to merge his mind, his very soul with the metal he works and thusly release his own arcane energies into the material, giving it shape and purpose in the forms of patterns or runes that he sees, as he lets those powers flow into the hot metal. The process is demanding, eating away at the mental strength, soul and very life of the crafter during the process, one misstep may always shatter the soul of the crafter or kill him outright. Yet Falún loves this process fiercely, and is always willing to push himself to the very brink of what he can accomplish.

Falún’s training in this process has been almost entirely focused on the arts of a blacksmith, outside of some minor stone-carving that almost all dwarrow do for recreation, he is not able to influence other materials. 

Like most arcane smiths Falún is able to “see” the arcane patterns inside an artifact and tap into them with his mind. He can use this skill to determine the nature of an artifact, or to repair damage to broken patterns. 

Falún is an arcane crafter who came into his talent too early. Thanks to his unorthodox birth his innate ability asserted itself years before it would in a regular young dwarrow, forcing him to learn, and learn swiftly. Mentored by his brother's mentor and his brother he learned first to control his abilities and then use them in crafting artifacts. Falún's arcane fire (the Spellsmith flame) was irreversibly changed because he was born far from the deeps, his flame is one of cold fire, burning brightly blue and being a merge of the Snow and the Flame. This enables him to create some rather special items. Falún has no holding back on the creation of artifacts, always being in the process with his full soul - his mentors agree that he either will burn himself out young, or age to become one of their kind that was legend. Falún himself does not consider his talent special, he simply loves the entire process of creating an arcane artifact.


Recently Falún discovered that he is able to merge his flame with the presence of a human magic user (Bran) while working and succeeded in creating a power-wrought blade. The human in question is an Aquitanian named Brán. As this is the rarest and most prestigious of skills among the arcane weapon’s crafters, Falún has kept this development to himself, until he and Brán can work it out better. 


Arcane Defenses

Racial: Like all dwarrow Falún has the stubborn soul which is not easily swayed by arcane means to influence the mind. He does not fully share the extreme physical resistance against harm that most of his people have naturally. 

Fire: Being trained in the use of his own arcane fire, Falún is also able to “talk” to fire, so he can touch it without being burned, or make it burn all night without sustenance. “Talking” to the fire, is the dwarrow way of describing that skill, and while many crafters have shown an extreme affinity to anything flame, not even the strangest will ever claim that the fire talked back to them.




Falún was born at the Pass of Echoes, high in the Mountains of Tynár-Dazûr. His mother Queen Ria had been returning from visiting a Hold befallen by a plague of the deeps and was trapped upon return by a snowstorm that forced her to make camp near the pass. 

There Falún was born, weeks before his due time, in the midst of a relentless blizzard swallowing up the surrounding mountains. Only his brother and one bodyguard (Kór) where there at the time of his birth

1831 - 1839 

A very sickly baby in Shar-tal-Nor, Falún was considered to probably not truly survive his mother’s passing. The healers were sure that his bad shape was due to losing his mother and being born outside the Deep Stone. When Kaelan took him up to the surface Falún recovered within a matter of days, though he remained weaker than other dwarrow children.

1839 - 1850 

After the discovery that Falún recovered on the surface, he remained in the constant company of his brother. Wherever Kaelan went, Falún went too - this was a reason for grave worry in the dwarven realm. It was openly visible that the King was devastated by the loss of his wife and seeing the young Crown Prince assume the role of a father-brother with Falún made many people worry that King Dargain may soon be lost to them. While Dargain lasted and returned to full strength, Falún and Kaelan had grown almost inseparable.

1851 - The Fall of Darkflame Hold


In 451 Kaelan went to investigate why all communication from Darkflame Hold had fallen silent. Once there they found out that a band of slavers had taken all people from the Hold and intended to sell them somewhere in the east. With them too far out, to leave Falún anywhere safe, Falún had to follow his brother into the fighting. While still young and under strict orders to not take any risks, he acquitted himself well enough for most other dwarven warriors to accept that someone untested by the warmaster war among them.

1854 - Ringwall mines battle

A warband led by banished noble tried to seize the goldmines in the northwestern Ringwall mountains. Troops had already been marshalled and were marching from the passes, but until they arrived the region was on its own. Organizing the miners, workers and quarrymen Kaelan came up with a clever strategy to slow the mercenaries down: a guerrilla-style war, making the most of their advantage in terrain. It was highly risky, and each time they engaged the Warlord’s forces the risk grew. With Falún being rather young at the time, Kaelan faced the choice of either sending him away, to safety, or accepting that Falún’s life would be at risk. In the end the brothers decided that no one could call himself of Helvar’s House who was not willing to bleed for their people, or who was not willing to fight for them. Falún stayed.

1854 - 1861 - restless years in the deeps and above that saw Falún following Kaelan in many dangers.

1861 - 1901 - Apprentice to Narvi of Dwenderholm’s Gate 

Falún was apprentice to Narvi of Dwenderholm’s Gate, the great arcane Master-Smith living in the Deeps. Narvi recognized early, that Falún’s flame had intertwined with Kaelan’s due to an early awakening and worked with his new and former apprentice to teach them to disentangle themselves again and to control what they could create between them.

1912 - Journeyman and Warrior

 Falún became a full dwarrow journeyman by creating his journeyman piece and being spoken free by the council of crafters. Shortly after Dvalin of Deepsilver Crossing called him to the trials of a warrior. The trial came early and was a dangerous one - sending Falún up against a Deep Watcher. Falún passed the trial with flying colors, almost breaking his brother’s record, who had passed the trials one year younger than him. 

1998 - Nightmare without End

Kaelan, Falún and Dvalen of Deepsilver Crossing journeyed together to Elderwood to help fight the Nightmare without End, they were joined by Aldarion, who would become the new Sedayin High King on later years. The four of them fought their way past the time-storm, into Dragnar and ended the cruel ritual held there. While he survived the wastelands of time, Falún could never shake off the feeling that something escaped that day and is now haunting the world. 



Father: Dargain son of Rowan, King of the Dwarrow: Dargain and Falún have a good relationship, though Falún’s closest tie is his brother.  Falún loves the old dwarrow, along with his peppery temper and grumbly attitude, and he has the skill to make his father laugh when he is in the middle of a rant. 

Mother: Riá daughter of Rinvár, she died giving birth to Falún. In all honesty, while Falún is observing the forms of mourning - wearing a mourning braid for her  and regularly visiting her grave, working on its adornments, he does not truly feel her loss. He never missed her. He feels more of the pain her death gave his brother Kaelan and tries to somehow help his brother with the loss. For him he does mourn a mother he never knew. 

Kaelan - older brother and Falún’s world. During his first years there was serious doubt that the child would survive at all, appearing all too weak and too sickly, a problem that persisted as he became a toddler. What Falún remembers most about this time, is his big brother’s presence, Kaelan holding him when he was ill again, or carrying him when he was too weak to walk. It was Kaelan who discovered that Falún got better up on the surface and who insisted on him being allowed to be raised on the surface far before the age when a dwarrow is considered old enough to leave the deep stone or his father’s halls.

Askíl: Older brother (511), deceased. Askíl died before Falún was even born and as far as the world, dwarven society and everyone else is concerned, he lies buried in the royal crypts. In truth - a truth no one outside Tynar-Dazûr knows and no one in the realm mentions - Askíl joined the Legion of the Dead, after his Uncle Gralfr, who had served there, died. As honor demanded one of the royal house had to join and Askíl was the one to go. In recent years he rose to Command the Legion of the Dead after the Legion lost their commander at the battle of the chasm.


Formal Name: Falún, Son of Dargain, Son of Rowan of the House of Helvar

Title: First Prince of the Sword

Customary the title of a second son in the Dwarven House, as the second son is expected to become the protector of the realm

Other titles: Falún of the Silent Hold - formal title of a minor Prince

Company: when travelling Falún is usually accompanied by Kór, a warrior from the Reach and his personal guard, Skadir - a scribe and sometime spy and recently the mage Brán. 


Gero of Dawnrunner Clan

Wyr Caer Draenar

Varidan of Coldshade Heights

Murian Unaffiliated