Kingdom of Vales
Son and heir to Reynard

Caution is not a weakness, more a sign of intelligence. Regardless of what father says.

Robert Sheehan
Just over six feet

Vasil also takes after his deceased mother with his dark hair. He is tall like his father but without the strong build, being quite lean and agile as opposed to relying on brute strength. He has some facial hair, a bit of a mustache and goatee which his more conservative clean shaven father only makes fun of. Also unlike the father, who has a hair style which makes the fit of his war helmet all the more snug, Vasil's hair is curly and unruly.


  • Adventurous  ( + )
  • Alone in his family, he has a sense of humor ( + )
  • Though not averse to risk, he often takes a more cautious reasoned approach to it  (+ -)
  • Loyal even if he quarrels a lot with his father  (+ - )
  • More tolerant than many Saski of foreigners  (+ )
  •   Quick, agile, well-coordinated
  •    A good horseman
  •    Well trained in weaponry by his father who was an able and strict taskmaster
  •     A quick learner

Reynard Lord of Krune,  father

Ketevan ,    younger sister


Vasil, also called Vasil the Black (for his dark hair not soul), is the oldest surviving child of Reynard, the Saski Lord of Krune and one of the foremost warlords in that tempestuous land. He will also be the heir to Krune when his father passes, something he is well aware of and has tried to do his best to prepare for. The two of them have many differences in temperament and solutions to problems but Vasil does his best to co-exist with his headstrong and stubborn father.

Like most Saski males, by now he has seen combat and indeed has killed enemies though thus far he is not as ruthless as Reynard. He does take after his father though in bouts of heavy drinking during celebrations and events.

Vasil is very close to his younger sister, Keti, and their relationship is a very positive one.

In war, he is expected to be second in command behind his father and Reynard is careful to share his military tactics and strategy with the younger man.

One major point of contention is Vasil thinks the Saski would benefit from opening their society up to more foreign contact and especially trade. Reynard mostly despises those who are not Saski but will make exceptions for his own diplomatic benefit.


Ketevan of Sask

Murian Kingdom of Vales


Murian Kingdom of Vales