Ketevan of Sask
Kingdom of Vales

I will do what I damn well please!

Hailee Steinfeld
Dark brown
5' 5

Ketevan is a beautiful vibrant young woman and she knows it. She might not be able to stand up in combat like a man but there are other sorts of weapons available to her such as her beauty and her intelligence. Oh yes, and her scheming to gain the upper hand.

She is of average height for a Saski female, striking hazel eyes she uses eye liner to draw even more attention to. Her hair is dark brown, worn down to the shoulders. Her build is lithe with shapely legs, proper child bearing hips, her breasts small but pert.

In court she dresses like a lordly lady should though it does not bother her to dress down to much more practical outfits to ride horses or journey about when ostentation is unnecessary.

And finally, as a typical Saski, she is very physically fit and tougher, stronger than her outward appearance would hint at.


Intelligent   (+)

Fiery temper  (+ -)

Opinionated, arrogant  ( -)

Determined, stubborn (+ -)

Charming when she wants to be, seductive even  (+)




Can read and write

Adept at languages, fast learner

Excellent rider

Rudimentary training in weapons such as sword, dagger

Good swimmer



Reynard - Her father, mid forties.

Vasil - Her older brother, 23.




Those who knew her have always said Ketevan looks a lot like her mother. Sadly that woman passed away when the girl was still young. From then one of the household women did her best to raise the child as a proper Saski young lady. Of course her father was a tremendous influence, both for good and for bad. Ketevan has a checkered relationship with her father. They quarrel a lot but there is still a bond of affection there too. She has lived her entire life in their hereditary castle. Granted the man is often absent on some sort of military campaign but that is to be expected for a Saski lord.

Now much less is expected of a Saski female, it is a male dominated society. But Ketevan knows that will someday be given in an arranged marriage for Reynard's political and diplomatic gain. A part of her rebels at that but such is life. She only hopes the man she marries is not a complete monster. Of course if he turns out to be, she figures she will just have to kill him.

In the meantime she lives the comfortable life of a Saski noble, she does not want for shelter, food, quality clothing. She owns a pair of fine horses and some hunting dogs. Unlike many in Sask, she can both read and write and enjoys the rare books she can find in her native script.

She likes to flirt with the menfolk every chance she can get but in truth she is still a virgin. No man would dare risk the fury of Reynard should they be caught changing that status.

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Ketevan of Sask

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Ketevan of Sask

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