Fiona Gale
Moon Singer, Healer

Honor the Old Ones in deed and name, let love and light be out guides again.

Caitriona Balfe
Dark Auburn
5' 10

General: Fiona appears to be a woman in her thirties or even early forties. Because she is a a member of a race known as the Thassa, she is considerably older. She is tall and willowy in build.

Eye Color: Fiona's eyes are a blue-flecked gray. The iris is encircled by a ring of very dark gray which makes her eyes appear a lighter shade than they actually are. When working her magic or angry, her eyes become a misty gray color that some on Aereth call twilight eyes.

Hair Color: Dark auburn with natural shades of red and gold mingled in. Fiona's hair tends to be a riot of curls and waves and she considers taming it into anything presentable to be quite the challenge. Even when worn in a severe bun or tight braid, it tends to escape its confines to curl about her face.

  • Calm
  • Compassionate
  • Good sense of humor
  • Fiery
  • Defiant
  • Sometimes judgmental
  • Highly intelligent, curious


Fiona Gale is a strong woman, highly intelligent, and very confident in herself and her powers. Her fiery temperament is held in check, as a rule, by a coolly rational and logical mind. She is not, however, opposed to a heated debate or discussion. Fiona can usually see through various distractions and red herrings to the heart of an issue and, while she can fiercely defend her position in a debate, she can do it with a cool logic that belies her fiery nature. She is quite intelligent and very inquisitive.


Fiona has a pleasantly clear voice, which she utilizes well in both song and speech. Her accent is light and indicative of her education being considered cultured. When speaking, she uses her hands to emphasize the point she is making, although her gestures are not large.

In general, she presents herself as calm, elegant, and gracious. Unlike many women, Fiona is confident enough to allow her powerful aura to show, to some extent leading many to describe her as a witch. She finds this appellation more amusing than insulting.

Moon Singer, Healer
  • Physician
  • Sailor, Seamanship
  • Medical Botanist
  • Apothecary

*Fiona received her medical training at the Guild of Airmid in Thule, Nordheim. She was already an accomplished healer by that time.


Fiona is a highly skilled and highly trained Moon Singer of the Thassa from Hy-Brasil. She trained for many years before deciding to leave her island home and seek physician's training through the Guild of Airmid. She is also an accomplished Sea-Witch. As a Moon Singer, Fiona's powers are currently at their height since the rings of Gwydion are Regnant (at their fullest).


Fiona's healing ability is augmented by her medical training. She can channel energy into a patient to sustain them while locating the source of illness and directing the body's own defenses toward it. Fiona can do a similar type of healing on injuries. If a person is too near death, she can ease their passing.


Fiona cannot bring someone back from the brink of death or raise the dead. Overusing or over-extending her abilities can exhaust her to the point of collapse.

Sea Witch

Fiona can manage the sea to a small extent and sense its mood. She has long been able to predict gales and hurricanes. In a small way, this power extends to freshwater. Fiona is an accomplished dowser. She can also summon a fog as a form of defense and a breeze to dispense a thick fog.


Fiona can, with great effort, calm a stormy sea slightly. She cannot disperse a storm or call one up.


Given time and assistance, Fiona can perform small sea-related illusions. For example, she can carve tiny wooden boats, add a bit of cloth as sails and breathe into the sail. One set on the waves, they will appear to be a fleet or armada of massive ships.


An illusion is only good as long as people do not know it is one. Put to the test, Fiona's illusions will dissipate.


During a visit to Siege Amaranth, Fiona discovered that she can hear and understand dragonspeech. She also found that she can actually heal the great beasts. This prompts her to later take service as a healer with the Morrighan of Siege Perilous.


Fiona Gale was born to a warrior father who had managed to successfully woo and wed a witch of the Order. They lived near a fishing village on the northern side of Hy-Brasil. At the age of ten, Fiona was taken to the Sanctuary high in the Mountains of Es and tested for power. Once she tested positive, she was stripped of her name and remanded for training. Fiona found the training interesting, but the closer in time it came to having to surrender herself completely to the order, she found she could not do it. She escaped from the Sanctuary several times but was caught and brought back each time.

Finally, Fiona was taken to Seascarp, another sanctuary located on an isolate karst formation off the southern coast of Hy-Brasil. The night before her induction in the Order was to occur, Fiona faked her suicide by leaving knotted bedsheets hanging out of her tower's window. In the interim, she had located a secret passage and used that to get to the sea. Finding an old rowboat, Fiona put out to sea, but the witches of the Order called up a gale to stop her escape.

Instinctively, Fiona pushed back and was able to hold her own. Without warning, the witches stopped trying to force her return. Moments later, a massive Vanir trading ship struck her small boat, casting Fiona into the sea.

Fortunately, the ship's steersman saw the accident and had her rescued. He was a kindly man, and some of the ship's passengers were a family. The lady of the household took her in. After arriving in Nordheim and anchoring in the capital city of Thule, Fiona was offered a home with the family. She accepted. When the family's eldest son was injured, Fiona used her Moon Singer's healing skills to save him. The homeowners took her to the Guild of Airmid and explained what had happened. The Guildmaster offered to take Fiona in for medical training.


After many years of training with the Guild of Airmid and serving several steersmen as a physician and healer, Fiona's restless spirit took her away from Nordheim. With a sterling recommendation from the last steersman she served, Fiona has taken service with the Morrighan of Siege Perilous on Bassilith Island as a healer.


Fiona Gale's real name is Jaelithe. No One but her is aware of this! I am only listing it here so I do not forget it.

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