Kingdom of Vales
Lord of Krune

Never trust your enemies, seldom your friends, and be careful too about your relatives.



Charlton Heston
Mid forties, he is not sure himself.
6' 1

A tall well built man, he is not just an impressive physical specimen but there is something else about him when one first meets the man. He has that air about him of a man in charge, call it charisma or command presence but his soldiery have responded with loyal and enthusiastic obedience.

His close cropped dark hair is cut that way to better fit the iron helmet he wears to war, given his life style that helmet is on as much as off. His blue eyes are piercing, when he talks to someone they bore in on that person in a most intimidating fashion.

No one would mistake him for jovial but when there are times that he is relaxing and in a contented mood, his laugh is loud and booming. That side of him though was more often displayed while his wife was still alive and his children younger. His wife died in a fall from the castle battlements though there are some dark rumors she jumped.


  •  Courageous (+)
  •   Aggressive (+ -)
  •   Extremely violent ( + -)
  •   Xenophobic  ( - )
  •  Devious at plotting (+ -)
  •  Determined, stubborn  (+ - )



  • Excellent fighter with lance, sword, and mace.
  • Top notch horseman.
  • Good strategist, better tactician in battle.
  • Charismatic leadership during times of stress.





Vasil the Black -  Reynard's oldest surviving offspring, male, 23.

Ketevan  - Reynards second child, female, 20.



Born the third son to a knight, from his youth Reynard was driven with ambition. He had always been big for his age and took to the warrior's life. He did not simply depend on his physical prowess though but also trained most diligently in the use of the weaponry a knight had at his service. The Saski are a turbulent people, very warlike and his father was a prime example, always seeming to gone on campaign. His oldest brother died in his very first battle. Reynard himself killed his first enemy at age fourteen. When not fighting foreigners - for the Saski are noted xenophobes - the Saski often quarreled among themselves. This included his family.

The exact details are only known now to Reynard but he and his remaining brother rose in rebellion against their father and the older man was killed in a skirmish. A few years later Reynard took on his brother in a duel and killed him. That left him in charge at the age of twenty-four. A couple years earlier he had taken a wife, taken literally as he had kidnapped her from another Saski rival.

Reynard then embarked on expanding his lands, prosecuting successful campaigns until now he is at the height of his power, one of the most powerful of the Saski warlords.

Ketevan of Sask

Murian Kingdom of Vales


Murian Kingdom of Vales