Kerowyn Wintersong

Mind the Three-fold Laws you should, three times bad and three times good.

Emily Blunt
5' 8

Kerowyn is tall and slender, rather ethereal-looking for a member of the Gwerin race, suggesting that the Wintersong bloodlines carry a strong Aelfyn influence. Her eyes are the same shades of blue found in the ice caves of Nordheim. Kerowyn's silver-white hair would seem to indicate that she is elderly by Gwerin standards and that death is imminent. This is far from true. Kerowyn's hair went from pale blond to white overnight when she was only thirteen years old. No one knows why, and she refuses to discuss the event that caused the change.

The Danu appears to be a woman in her thirties (by human standards). However, her actual age is unknown and a matter for speculation. Her age has been determined by her wingbond.

  • Calm
  • Measured in speech, thought, and deed
  • Appears cool and aloof, but warmer than most people think
  • Impeccable manners with strangers
  • Consummate diplomat
  • Skilled diplomat
  • Trained as a Morrighan (is no longer flightbonded)
  • Superb archer
  • Accomplished singer




  • Magic Level: Archadept
  • Elements: Water (Ice), Air (Wind)
  • Dragonspeech: Can send and receive dragonspeech.


Using a bowl or any still water, Kerowyn can perform some divination. It is mainly limited to being able to catch glimpses of distant events rather than being able to see into the future.


Ability to arrange one’s environment to invoke a specific feeling or mood.

Natural Elements

Kerowyn is the Mistress of Snow and Ice. She can manipulate water and wind into a blizzard, complete with thunder and lightning.


The Danu is thousands of years old. She is very powerful and her magic is very strong. Like anyone, overuse or overextending her abilities can leave her weakened and tired. She would need time to recover before working more spells.



  • Nephew: Breccan Windmaster (a. 1313)
  • Brother: Hawke Windwalker
  • Misc. sons and daughters, most have scattered to other sieges.


  • Name: Jano the Lame
  • Length: 38 ft. (largest known living male dragon)
  • Height: 15.8 ft.
  • Wingspan: 63.08 ft.
  • Color: Jano is a fiery red-gold in color with dark tan plates on his throat and underbelly.
  • Jano lost his left foreleg to frostbite when downed by a dragonslayer during the Great Ice. He now serves as a liaison between Kerowyn and the various sieges and their councils.

Kerowyn was born during the Age of Uthuria on Bassilith Island. In due course, as most of her clan have done, she trained as a Morrighan. After completing her Morrighan training, she impressed a mighty red-gold dragon named Jano.

The destruction of the continent of Uthuria left the world in disarray. Shadowborn incursions occurred more often, and more menacing creatures were loosed on the world. On top of all of that, the world entered another ice age known as the Great Ice. This is rather misleading because it was actually a series of ice ages with temperature remaining cooler than normal even when the glaciers retreated.

The Uthurian Shadow Wars, the ensuing natural cataclysms, the continuing incursions by the Shadowborn, and the Great Ice decimated the biped populations, including the Gwerin. It was as the world seemed at its darkest that Kerowyn rose through the ranks, becoming known as the Shadowslayer. For many centuries, she led the Morrighan as their Brigid (female version of the Lord-Paladin) until Jano, her wingbond, lost his foreleg. Even after that, she continued to be a strong voice for leading all bipeds forward.

As the Great Ice waned and the order returned to the natural world, its inhabitants also recovered. However, the Danu that had reigned over the years of war brought on by Uthuria and, for most of the ice age, was exhausted and succumbed to the Crossing.

Year 0 (New Calendar)

The Gwerin's Hearth-Keepers council elects Kerowyn, the Shadowslayer, as their new Danu.


Kerowyn's reign as Danu is threatened by the rise of a secret society within the Gwerin.



This character is not currently intended to be a full-time NPC or played character. For now, the Danu will only be played as needed.

The Danu is the ruler of Bassilith and of all the Gwerin. She shares rule with the Jade Empress of Siege Perilous.

Kerowyn has a companion named Cerdd (p. kerth). The animal is a barsk, a predatory canid native to Aereth's highlands. They saved one another's lives many years before. Cerdd comes and goes as he pleases, but always returns to Kerowyn.

3rd Moon 22, 2020
12 Feb, 2020 5:15 PM
Kerowyn Wintersong

Kerowyn, the Danu of the Gwerin, is visited by the Lord-General of the Dragonguard who encourages her to find a replacement leader for the Morrighan. She also has dinner with her nephew and informs him of the marriage that she has arranged for him.

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