Iryss of Siege Perilous


  • Use the wings of the flying Universe,
  • Dream with open eyes;
  • See in darkness
  • Dejan Stojanovic


Robin Weigert, Dragon Art
3,somthing something
13.3 ft.
32 ft.
53.12 ft.

Iryss is a beautiful red-gold queen.  For the most part, she appears calm and unintimidating, sometimes even smiling, if such a thing can be said of dragons.  When she gets riled, though, she can look as fierce as any dragon, her scaled shimmering in golds and red as she flares her wings and huffs fire.


Look at me, see me, that's who I Am!


I can Fly!  I can Sing and I can Dream!  Oh, and I can roast you to a nice medium-rare before I eat you!


Shape-shifting, but if it's innate, is it really magic?




  • TBD

Former Wingbond


  • Amaris Winstone







Iryss always loved to fly, so much so that more than once, she tried to leave the nest too early and had to be retrieved and put back where she belonged. But she really never did learn that lesson, and there was finally a day when she didn't hit the ground, but was able to soar on the wind. After that, it was a matter of an adult having to fetch her home, or follow her to make sure she didn't stray too far.

As she matured, she didn't lose that joy, but became more tempered in her wanderings, studying the land beneath her, watching the creatures, noting the flora, observing weather patterns and such, so when she was old enough to start her Wingbond training, she already had a good bit of knowledge about the world around her.

Her first Wingbond was a Murian called Amaris, a woman who was considered old for a Morrighan, but she qualified. Iryss had been a little hesitant at first, Amaris was not what she had expected, but her senses kept bring her back, and the song started before she really was even aware of it.

Being Wingbond proved to be exhilarating for Iryss, and her rider expanded her knowledge, helped her to learn about portals and how better to communicate with bipeds.

Not long into their bond, Iryss was out hunting when she was overcome by a horrible feeling, a mix of pain all through her body, and a complete, utter emptiness and anguish ripped through her mind. It only took a fraction of a second for Iryss to realize that her Wingbond was in danger, only a fraction of a second to turn back, a few more to reach Amaris, but it was too late...her Rider had been attacked and killed by a Shadowborn patrol.

The cowards may have been able to overwhelm a lone warrior, but they were no match for an enraged dragon. For the first time in her young life, Iryss killed in vengeance, bearing down on the culprits, lashing with her tail and incinerating anything left moving.

It didn't help, indeed, it only made her feel worse, and the dragon retreated from the world, for many years mourning, knowing she would never bond again, that her heart would never heal.

When she was attacked by hunters, Iryss honestly didn't care, and nearly welcomed the spear that pierced her scales, but as she sought the Veil, she couldn't bring herself to step through...she knew that Amaris wouldn't want that for her, and besides, there was the family of her Rider to watch over.

And there was the man...a Human biped, attacked by a saber-toothed cat. He wasn't hers by any means, but she had to intervene, she couldn't just let him be mauled and eaten, so, despite the spear in her chest, she charged in and destroyed the beast, and in return, the man, Griffin St. James, pulled the spear from her chest.

Two years, to a Dragon, is the blink of an eye, but even so, Iryss hadn't thought that she'd see Griffin again.  But the brief encounter had rallied her spirit, and she returned to seeking a potential Morrighan.  Much to her surprise, it was Griffin that caught her attention, and the bonding was fast and strong.

Of course, she is the stronger of the pair, the wiser and more capable, but he doesn't need to know that!


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Iryss of Siege Perilous

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Iryss of Siege Perilous

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