Breccan Windmaster

Come not between the dragon and his wrath.

Chris Hemsworth
Golden Brown

Breccan is a tall, trim, and strongly muscled man. He has the well-shaped long limbs needed for being a dragonrider. His hair, which he alternates between wearing shoulder-length or cut short, is a light golden-brown or dark blond. Breccan's eyes are a true blue-green-gray hazel in color. They usually appear green or blue, depending on his environment with gray flecks).

Breccan appears to be in his early-to-mid forties by human standards. As with most Gwerin, when they stop their physical aging depends on their genetics and when they are imprinted with their dragon. Breccan is fortunate that his Gwerin bloodlines are some of the oldest on Aereth and he was imprinted by Rhagarth as soon as he graduated his Morrighan training.

Windmaster usually dresses casually when not in his Morrighan uniform. Riding leathers made of earth-toned wyvern hides are his preference.


  • Strong-willed (+)
  • Loyal (+)
  • Stubborn (+/-)
  • Courageous (+)
  • Often impetuous (+/-)
  • Short-tempered (-)
  • Good sense of humor (+)
  • Straight-forward, honest (+/-)
  • Loves a good brawl (+/-)
  • Holds a grudge until it dies of old age (-)
  • Self-confident (+/-)

Breccan Windmaster is a strong-willed, self-confident man. He has many positive character traits and quite a few that can go either way. For example, Breccan usually seems to be good-natured and has a great sense of humor. He laughs readily and smiles easily. However, this can turn on a dime. Breccan has been flightbonded to a dragon for the majority of his life, and his occasional short-temper is reflective of that.

Diplomacy is not Breccan's strong-suit. He cannot and will not engage in the sort of conversations and innuendo often used by diplomats and envoys. Since his older sister is the Danu, the ruler of the Gwerin, this trait often lands him in trouble when he returns to Bassilith. 

Once a person betrays Breccan or those he cares for, his good opinion and respect are likely lost forever. He can hold a grudge forever. Conversely, and somewhat surprisingly, it takes a serious breach of his trust to turn him against someone who is doing their "duty" as they see it. Also, given enough time to see the other side, Breccan's respect can be regained. It should also be noted that Breccan does not equate holding a grudge with hatred. He can want to see justice done without hating the person he is bringing to task.


  • Expert woodsman and huntsman (Wyr trained).
  • Strong hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • Good with a sword and standard bow.
  • Expert with his twin short-handled war axes.
  • Expert with the Morrighan's stinger crossbows (repeating crossbows).
  • Instinctive tracker, an expert in fieldcraft.
  • Has perfected his dragonrider skills.
  • Self-sustainment skills.

Like all Morrighan, Breccan is a highly trained and skilled warrior. He has served among the ranks of the Dragonriders since he was twenty years old, just under 1300 years. Like most Windmasters, he has a good head for heights and took to dragon riding with ease.

Breccan is proficient in the use of most standard weapons. However, he is an expert with his fighting axes, and the Morrighan's repeating crossbows known as stingers. In hand-to-hand combat, he is fast, agile, and hits hard. 

His more pragmatic skills include being able to sew and mend his own clothes when needed, he is a decent cook, an excellent hunter, and fisherman.



The Windmaster Clan's element is, of course, wind. Before being wingbonded to Rhagarth, Breccan was exhibiting strong magical abilities. Should he ever retire from the Morrighan, it is likely they will resurface. However, he would have to be trained to use them effectively.

  • Dragonspeech
  • Mindspeech
  • Portals
  • Wind Magic (passive only)

Dragonspeech: Breccan can hear, understand, and converse using dragonspeech (a form of telepathy that uses images, emotions, and images to convey information). He and Rhagarth, his wingbond, have perfected being able to converse in words using mindspeech.

Mindspeech: This is an offshoot of dragonspeech and can be used by some to converse with the Wyr in their animal form.

Portals: Breccan and Rhagarth are experts at the timing and opening of portals. Because of their uncommonly strong wingbond, they are also able to hold the portal open long enough to allow one or two other wings to proceed with them through it. 

Wind Magic: Breccan's ability to call up wind storms or gales is suppressed by his wingbond. However, he can still use a form of wish magic. For example, he might idly think of or wish for a cool breeze on a hot day, and it will happen.


Portals: The main limitations come with the ability to open portals. Morrighan and dragons cannot keep portals open after they have entered them. They cannot transport more than one or two other wings or four or five horsemen, etc. Portals are only point-to-point, once the coordinates are set, that is where they go!




  • Name: Rhagarth of Siege Perilous
  • Impressed: 1st Day of the 5th Moon, 1527 (Beltane)
  • Gender: Queen (mature female)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 15.4'
  • Length: 37'
  • Wingspan: 61.42'


Breccan has had a few deep and lasting relationships over his more than 1300-year lifespan. Currently, he tends to keep things casual and uncomplicated.


Aunt: Kerowyn Wintersong (the Danu, a. unknown)

Uncle: Hawke Windwalker (Lord-Paladin, a. TBD)

Children: Like most Gwerin over a 1,000 years old, Breccan has sired several children. Some of them he knows, some he does not as they declared for their mother's clan or were adopted by their mother's husband.

Dawnrunner Clan: Breccan's adopted family.


1507 CE (a. 0)

  • Born at Siege Perilous

1523 CE (a. 16)

  • Declares for the Windmaster Clan
  • Enters Morrighan training

1527 CE (a. 20)

  • Impresses Rhagarth

2006 CE (a. 499)

  • Rhagarth's mate, Kavoss, was trapped and killed by a dragonslayer.

2007 CE (a. 500)

  • After several months, Breccan and Rhagarth managed to track the dragonslayer that murdered Kavoss to a village near the Storm Towers fortress. Rhagarth remained at Siege Amaranth while Breccan went after the 'slayer which he found and promptly engaged in battle and killed.
  • Breccan is arrested and tortured by the Seekers and Templars.
  • Rhagarth lays siege to Storm Towers and is prepared to literally melt the stones of the great fortress if Breccan is not released.
  • The commander of the Storm Towers fortress manages to release Breccan and hand him over to Rhagarth. She takes him to the healers at Siege Amaranth.

2020 CE (a. 513)

  • Breccan is hard at work and staying out of trouble...mostly.




Eye Color: Fiery, opalescent green

Rhagarth's primary scales are an iridescent golden-copper. Her upper body from neck to tail has dark green "tiger" stripes. Her neck and tail frill are shaded from dark green at the top to pale green next to the body. The spines are dark gold. 

Her chest and stomach plates are pearlescent pale greenish-white. Rhagarth's great golden-copper wings appear to be tarnished with a green patina.

Rhagarth's head sports a spiked frill and two backward sweeping horns. The spikes and the horns are a very dark, nearly black, green in color.

3rd Moon 22, 2020
11 Feb, 2020 6:04 PM
Rhagarth of Siege Perilous

Breccan has been summoned to dinner with his aunt, the Danu. She has a surprise in store for him.

3rd Moon 22, 2020
12 Feb, 2020 5:15 PM
Kerowyn Wintersong

Breccan is informed by his aunt that she has arranged a marriage for him with Isbeil Irontalon, daughter of the High-Born Lord Ardair Irontalon.

5th Moon 14, 2020
03 Nov, 2020 2:09 PM
Ketevan of Sask

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5th Moon 12, 2020
22 Mar, 2020 3:39 PM
Ketevan of Sask

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