While discussing a character profile (bio) with one of our members today, I realized there might be some hesitation in creating characters because of the long lifespans. Do not fear! This should help you!

Characters' Lifespans

The average lifespan for Aereth humans is very similar to the lifespans of modern homo sapiens here on Earth, although some can live the full 120 years listed for Murians. Travelers, Earth humans that arrive on Aereth, already have a leg-up in that regard. More people on Earth are living into their nineties and even past one-hundred. 

But wait! If all of the other races on Aereth live hundreds or even thousands of years, doesn't that mean characters of other races have significant advantages over Aereth's humans?

Well, not really. The other bipeds are not immortals. They can die of disease and injury, be killed in battle, etc. And, we have some humans and people of other races that are magical healers - that's magical, not miraculous. If a person is tended to by a healer, there is a chance that their lifespan will be enhanced. Perhaps their lifespan gets magically enhanced another way? There are no specifics in our lore documents, so just ask.

Then, there is another advantage. Dragons! Any time a person is marked (a low-level bonding reserved for non-Dragonriders) or imprinted (reserved for the Morrighan Dragonriders), lifespans are extended for as long as the bond lasts. Once the bond is severed, the person eventually begins to age again based on whatever is normal for their race.

Writing Your Character's History

This can be a daunting task when you are dealing with a 5,000-year-old human or a dragon who is hundreds of thousands of years old. Daunting and off-putting, if we expected you to document their entire history. Fun fact, we do not expect you to account for every hour, minute, and second of their lives. We want you to focus on who they are in the present (Identity field) and what they can do in the present (Skills and Abilities).

The History field and, to some extent, the Free Form field, are for documenting major events as they occur to you while plotting with others, and in game-play. If something momentous occurred in your character's life that would be general knowledge, you would add that. Beyond that, we want to keep the mystery alive and avoid metagaming - writing with OOC Knowledge. As a general rule-of-thumb, you should list three or four life events, just make up a few things that lend credence to how your character came to be who they are now.

By the way, when we say list, we do mean list. You do not need to write out a long, detailed history with reams upon reams of information. Add the year or range of years and make a short bullet list and move on. Aereth's new world calendar was restarted at year 0, 2020, years ago. If you want to list events before that, you will need to read the Timelines in our lore.

History Format Examples

Year CE (CE = common era)

  • Event Details (three or four sentences or a short paragraph).

Year - Year CE (Example of a range of years)

  • Year: Event 1
  • Year: Event 2
  • Year: Event 3