Bassilith Island

Annwyn Court is also known as The City in the Clouds because it is often obscured by clouds and mist. This stunning and ancient Gwerin city lies high in the mountains overlooking the Burning Sea on Bassilith Island. Although the Gwerin are scattered all over the globe, Annwyn Court is considered their capital and is the seat of power for their ruler, the Danu.

*A Court is a Gwerin city.

The City in the Clouds
By Kerowyn Wintersong
On 12 Feb, 2020 5:15 PM

Port Duskhallow is located on a large, natural harbor on the waterway leading into the Burning Sea. It is the second largest population center on Bassilith Island and a center for business and trade. People from all walks of life and from all over Aereth call Duskhallow and the land around it home.

Siege Perilous is located high in the mountains on the opposite side of the Burning Sea from Annwyn Court. Perilous is the oldest dragon siege and also home to the oldest Morrighan citadel on Aereth. It is a massive collection of dragon aeries and the formidable city-fortress that is the Morrighan's home base. 

*A siege is a collection of dragon aeries. Sieges are often protected by the Morrighan's citadel, a massive city-fortress that is the commanderie of a siege's Morrighan (dragonriders).

A Dragon's World
By Rhagarth of Siege Perilous
On 11 Feb, 2020 6:04 PM

Beyond the main population centers on Bassilith Island lies vast forests, mountain valleys, various farming hamlets and villages. There is a myriad of wildlife and dangers, so take care when you venture outside the gates.


The Kingdom of Aquitaine is a nation whose rulers and people disavow all magic. They are devoted to the kingdom's primary religion, the Circle of Light, also called the Congregation Lumiaris. Anyone that tests positive for magical powers are deported - or worse.

Read all about the Kingdom of Aquitaine here.

The Kingdom of Vales is located in the eastern region of the continent of Vendia. Initially, there were numerous petty kingdoms. However, Valesia grew more and more powerful over time until it become one large kingdom.

The Howling Islands are the primary home to a population of brigands and pirates known as the Howlers. These are not the cute Disney version (Pirates of the Caribbean movies). The men and women are rough and vicious. Lives other than their own are held at a very low value unless they will fetch a good ransom. There are no pirate captains with a secret heart of gold.

However, there are a few Gwerin, Wyr, and other good men and women that live amongst the Howlers and the Inlanders (mainland brigands) as spies.

The Kingdom of Nordheim is the rugged, cold homeland of the Vanir. Many stories are told about the land and its people. In many parts of the world, their names are used to frighten children. The people of coastal regions know the Vanir as traders, sea raiders, and intrepid explorers. Their ships have carried them to the farthest corners of the world, even to the feared waters beyond the Great Western Sea.

Saskis located to the east of Aquitaine. bordered by the Kingdom of Vales on the east, and the Rift to the south. It is not a kingdom, but feudal in nature. Sask is a collection of independent states controlled and ruled by powerful warlords. The most powerful of all of them is Reynard of Krune. The warlords and people of Sask will unite against outsiders.

Home Sweet Home
By Ketevan of Sask
On 03 Nov, 2020 2:09 PM

The Kingdom of Tynar-Dazûr was founded by Helvár of the Singing Deeps, who united the clans of the Dwarrow against the Troggs. After the war was won, the clans chose him as their King. To this day his bloodline rules Tynar-Dazûr and Helvár is one of the most revered dwarrow in history.

Beyond the Seas

Forum for posts in lands that do not have a dedicated forum or on Earth before a Traveler is caught up by one of the transient portals (before their arrival on Aereth as there is no going back).

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Absence Guidelines
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Armored Women
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In the Shadow of the Barrows
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